Jeffrey D. Miller Ministries - The mission of this ministry is to relate the importance of the Jewishness of Yeshua (Jesus) to the Christian Church, encourage believers to see Jewish people as a G-d-directed mission field, and exhort believers to trust G-d's Word beyond their ability to understand. The ministry puts out a monthly newsletter, which can be subscribed to at They also produce a daily radio program entitled 'Messianic Minutes', which can be found on your local radio station or online at

Hands of Mercy, International - Hands of Mercy International is a humanitarian relief organization dedicated to providing comfort and practical support to families and individuals experiencing trauma, crisis, poverty and social disadvantage in Israel. They are mobilizing the love and concern of caring individuals throughout the world to provide a practical source of encouragement and hope in the lives of vulnerable individuals facing crisis and disadvantage. You can learn more about this ministry at

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