Charge them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, to be generous and ready to share. 1 Timothy 6:18

Ongoing Mitzvah Projects you can be a part of:

  • Acts of Kindness – Synagogue volunteers provide cheerful visits and meet the physical needs of those who are hospitalized or confined to the home. This mitzvah also includes preparing meals, providing transportation, helping with household chores and running errands.

  • Chevra Kadisha- The Holy Society provides the highest act of gemilut chesed (acts of loving kindness) in that what is done for the deceased can never be repaid. Workers are trained in the procedures of Taharah and Sh'mirah and guided by the principles of k'vod hamet (respect for the dead) and nichum aveilim (consolation of the mourners).

  • Backpacks for Children - Homeless children go to school with inadequate or even no school supplies. We partner with a local homeless shelter to provide their clients’ children with new backpacks, school supplies, socks, and other clothing needed for the school year. Members of the synagogue community collect, donate, and deliver the back packs to the local shelter for the local elementary school children.
  • Food Bank - Non-perishable food items are accepted through the year for our Food Bank. The Elders and Shamishim oversee the distribution of the food items to individuals who need food. Collected items are also donated to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank for distribution to members in the greater Central Pennsylvania community.

  • Morning Star Pregnancy CenterThe Sisterhood of Beit HaShem coordinates several projects during the year to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the women and their babies. Pamper Mom baskets, baby layettes; a snowsuit and blanket drive and the distribution of Hope Bibles are a few of the recent Mitzvah projects completed for the clients of the Center.  

  • Brotherhood Mitzvah Team – The Brotherhood coordinates work projects and simple repairs for those who need some help around their home. Team activities include moving furniture, painting, yard work and minor household repairs.


What is a Mitzvah Team?

We're glad you asked that question! The Mitzvah Team is a group pf people who love the L-rd and desire to be active in reaching out to members of the body of Messiah and residents of the local community.

The Team will do projects on an individual, couple, or team basis. Members of the Team will visit the sick, cook for those who need a meal, feed the homeless, help with work day projects, provide rides to services and many other acts of service to members of the community.

The Elders will lead the Mitzvah Team. Individuals who know of any needs or projects may contact Harry or Ya’akov to make them aware of the needs. The Elders will review the needs in the congregation and in the community and will coordinate the efforts of Team members.

Any member of the congregation is welcome to join. Youth under the age of 13 may participate when accompanied by one or both parents.

Do you want to join the Mitzvah Team and be a blessing to others? Call one of the Elders today. that those who have put their trust in G-d may apply themselves to doing good deeds. These are both good in themselves and valuable to the community. 1 Titus 3:8

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