Pleasing G-d... or Pleasing Man?

Have you ever gotten to the point where there was not enough hours in the day to do everything?  That can be an everyday occurrence for most of us. We wake with great intentions but before we know it, it’s time to go to bed.

Prioritizing is an important concept for us to learn as we manage the endless lists of tasks we face.  How we choose our priorities is defined by the values of our heart.

Sometime we get caught in the  web of trying to help everyone. Their needs are pressing and our list grows by the hour. Before long we cut out the time we would spend with HaShem and our families. We reason, “They will understand that I’m busy doing good things.” as we roll off to sleep, too tired for more that a quick prayer.

There will always be more needs than we have time to do them. A wise steward will take his list to HaShem and ask G-d which ones to do. When HaShem directs our activities, we don’t burn out. We examine our activities and ask, “Does HaShem wants me to do this task or am I just doing this because this person has a need?”

Obeying HaShem must be your primary responsibility. This may make some people unhappy with your choices. They have legitimate needs, but you may not be HaShem’s choice to fulfill their particular need.

HaShem has provided workers for every need in the community. As we submit our ways to HaShem, He will direct our paths. Every need will be met and HaShem will be pleased that we chose to follow His ways.


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