Why People are not Blessed

Some teach that G-d will give you everything that you desire. Whether it is a $250,000 house or a new 2003 Lexus, He is just waiting to bring it to you. This error of doctrine comes from a mistranslation of Psalm 37:4.

Most English translations read “Delight yourself in the L-rd; and He will give you the desires of your heart.” 

The Hebrew does states that we are to delight ourselves in the L-rd, but it then reads: “and He will put His desires within your heart.”

 HaShem, the creator of all things, is not some kind of a heavenly vending machine:“Insert the proper two prayers here, push the correct buttons, and get whatever your want delivered right into your hands.”

The reason that most people are not blessed is because they ignore  the L-rd’s blessings. People are too busy chasing after the things they want. They miss the precious treasures that He is offering to them.

The blessings of HaShem include a peace that is beyond human understanding. It is a spirit of contentment that is ours, no matter what state we find ourselves in.

HaShem gives us our daily bread. He clothes us in garments that are finer than those worn by King Solomon. He offers us a secure future, that no bank or financial institution can deliver.

Being blessed does not mean a life of endless pleasure, completely free of all difficulties and problems. It means that where we are, we are completely satisfied. We have Him and He is all that we need.

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